Character of Conwy, The

  • ISBN: 9781845240721
  • Author: Jean Morgan-Roberts
  • Publication June 2007
  • Format: Paperback, 210x148 mm, 80 pages

A collection of paintings by Jean Morgan-Roberts, born and bred in Conwy. This compilation portrays the local characters of Conwy, as well as the historic town's buildings and scenery.

Gwales Review
This is a lovely little book, consisting in the main of a portfolio of paintings by the author. There are 80 pages with 40 portraits and landscape paintings, all in vibrant colour.

My initial thought was it should be called ‘Characters’ of Conwy, as most of the paintings are in fact portraits of local characters or figures of Conwy. But the general meaning appears to be the character of the town or region as a whole. Some of the buildings of Conwy are included, such as the famous smallest house in the UK (which is owned by one of the illustrated characters, Margaret Williams). The paintings are beautifully reproduced on the glossy pages, and exhibit a wonderful style, seeming to capture the very essence of the characters that the author/painter knows so well.

Not all characters are ‘sons’ of Conwy, some are linked to Conwy in other ways. For example, in the case of Kyffin Williams, the famous artist, he was elected to the Royal Cambrian Academy (which is based in Conwy), but he mainly worked and resided on Anglesey. However, there are no hard and fast rules about this – indeed why should there be? – the book is simply a personal record showing those who were born, lived, worked and contributed to Conwy.

With reference to her own biographical notes and self-portrait, the author and painter Jean Morgan-Roberts was born within the walls of Conwy, and as such, is a member of that auspicious group of people known as the Jackdaw Society. She is therefore well qualified to comment on, and observe Conwy, through this publication.

Whilst I feel sure that most local people in Conwy will already own this book, it would certainly be of interest to a wider group of readers. As well as the local people themselves, local historians, art lovers and visitors will all be equally impressed with the visual offerings as well as the informative accompanying narratives on each character or building. Indeed there are illustrations of some very famous people shown. As well as Kyffin Williams, we also have Lord Roberts of Conwy, and Lord John Roger Roberts, two prominent politicians from the area.

I recommend this book to all.

Ken Jones

Product Code: ISBN: 9781845240721