Rebel's Story, A

  • ISBN: 9781845274016
  • Felix Aubel
  • Publication October 2012
  • Format: Paperback, 215x138 mm

Felix Aubel in one of Wales\'s most controversial politicians. From the 1980s onwards he was an enfant terrible in the eyes of Welsh nationalists. In this volume we learn about his complex political and religious philosophy - a Tory who seeks self-government for Wales; a Christian who believes in abortion and ghosts.

Further Information:
Felix Aubel has thrived on controversy. During the 1980s and 1990s he was a ‘bogey man’ to Welsh nationalists. His life was threatened more than once.

His complex and rebellious character was moulded by the fiercely anti-Communist and anti-Fascist views of his father – a refugee from Slovenia who hated Hitler, Stalin and Tito in equal measure – and the Welsh Nonconformity of his mother, a teacher from Aberdare.

Here we have a prominent Tory who supports Welsh ‘Home Rule’; and a Christian who believes in the paranormal.

We are given a unique insider’s glimpse of people such as Margaret Thatcher, Jeffrey Archer and Ann Widdecombe. The long and bitter feud between Rod Richards and Nick Bourne is covered in detail.

This is the autobiography of a minister, antiques television pundit and politician, who ploughs his own furrow. It is a considerable expansion of the Welsh language version that was published in 2010. The story has been thoroughly revised to include much hitherto unpublished information and completely up-dated to the spring of 2012.

Product Code: ISBN: 9781845274016