Smallest House Cookbook, The

  • Author: Margaret Williams
  • Publication July 2008
  • Format: Paperback

At Conwy, a house measuring 72" across and 122" high stands on the quayside. It is the Smallest House in the countries of Britain.

Its last inhabitant was a 6'3" tall fisherman who lived there until 1900. He cooked his meals on the tiny fireplace and baked in the incredibly small oven, harvesting most of his food from the sea.

His recipes must have been basic, but he enjoyed such delicacies as mussels, salmon and mullet. The fruits of the sea and the Conwy river are still sold on the quayside at Conwy and his book suggests some traditional Welsh methods of treating these catches, with all the recipes adapted for modern cooking methods.

Product Code: ISBN: 9781845241230