Stories of the Stones (Tales from Wales)

Stories of the Stones (Tales from Wales)

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  • Publication Date 2007
  • Author: Myrddin ap Dafydd 
  • Illustrated by Graham Howells
  • Adapted/Translated by Sian Lewis. 
  • Suitable for age 7-9 or Key Stage 2 
  • Format: Hardback, 207x140 mm, 29 pages
Short stories about the dolmens and standing stones of Wales. They reveal the secrets of the stones, and tell the enchanting legends that are linked to them. Giants, animals, King Arthur and Owain Glyndŵr (Glyn dŵr) appear in the stories.

The fifth title in the series Tales from Wales, illustrated throughout in full colour.
In remote places throughout Wales there are standing stones and strange rock shapes. Many stories or legends are told about them.
In Stories of the Stones you can learn the secrets of these stones and read the tales of magic connected with them.
According to legend, strong, wild and stupid giants are responsible for some of them. There's the story about brave animals and one about the enormous 'hop, skip and a jump'.
Some of the stones are connected to Owain Glyndwr and King Arthur, and others are people who were turned into stone. Two of them sometimes come to life and move around!

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