The Flannel Makers

  • Author: J. Geraint Jenkins
  • Publication Date: June 2005
  • Format: Paperback, 210x148 mm, 96 pages

For many centuries, the woollen industry was amongst the most important and widespread of all rural industries. In Wales it was impossible to move any distance at all without meeting some evidence for its presence. Men, women and children were heavily employed in textile manufacture, where it be in the home or in a riverside mill building.

Wool wokers contributed to the self sufficiency of rural dwellers and were as vital to the economy as workers in wood and metal. In some parts of Wales however, the manufacture of cloth went far beyond supplying a local demand, for one or two regions were concenred with an international market and could have become as important as Yorkshire and the West of England.

Product Code: ISBN: 9780863819636