Traditional Cheesemaking in Wales

  • Author: Eurwen Richards
  • Publication Date: March 2007
  • Format: Paperback, 210x148 mm, 104 tudalen

The author, Eurwen Richards, is recognised internationally as a cheese expert. Her work as a food technologist has taken her to many parts of the world but her roots are firmly fixed in Wales.

Cheese has been made in Wales for centuries, and both old and new varieties have achieved international renown. 'Traditional Cheesemaking in Wales' traces the history of cheesemaking from its early development, through the rise and decline of the creameries or factories, to the resurgence of farmhouse cheese. Along the way the author describes the cheesemaking process, the role of women, the growth and decline of education and training, and regulation. The volume also includes a comprehensive directory of present-day cheesemakers in Wales.

Product Code: ISBN: 9781845270476