Welsh Wit and Humour

  • Author: D. Byron Evans
  • Publication July 2008
  • Format: Paperback, 183x124 mm, 120 pages

A volume of Welsh wit and humour, arranged in chapters: pulpit humour of earlier days, the humour of the eight-inch nails, the humour of the Revd Stephen Jenkins, the humour of John Jones, Welsh miners' humour, linguistic oddities, rugby humour, homely humour and choir humour.

Gwales Review
This is a new edition of a book first published by Gwasg Carreg Gwalch in 2001. Compiled by D. Byron Evans, it is a collection of humorous anecdotes, shaggy-dog jokes, sayings and oddities.

Most of the first half of the book relates stories and jokes concerning the pulpit and well-known Welsh preachers of past years who would include humour in their sermons as a means of getting the congregation’s attention. The rich humour of miners and mining areas is a source of laughter and reflection in the next part which leads on to the Welsh obsession with rugby - a fruitful store of funny stories, many about famous players of recent times. ‘Linguistic Oddities’ shows how the instinctive translation of Welsh to English leads to comic sayings. ‘Homely Humour’ allows the author to include jokes relating to married and family life, none of which distasteful – indeed it would take a very easily upset person to find anything offensive in the book.

As Wales is ‘the land of song’ and considering the large number of choirs here, it is not surprising that the last part is devoted to ‘Choir Humour’, anecdotes which include a comic piece by R.G. Mainwaring about how an Englishman dealt with singing Welsh songs and hymns in a Welsh choir.

Dip into this book when you feel like a chuckle to lift your spirits.

Beryl Thomas

Product Code: ISBN: 9781845241117