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North Wales Cinemas - Past and Present

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  • ISBN: 9781845242800
  • Publication April 2018
  • Format: Paperback, 150x155 mm
A short history of the various cinemas in north Wales with details of their seating capacity, the projectors, size of screen, the proprietors and owners. Also included are old photographs of the cinemas in their heyday, and present photos of the buildings as they are today or in some cases the site they occupied.

Table of Contents:
Cinemas have been a major part of peoples lives for a number of years and most have wonderful personal memories of their local flicks. Weekly visits to the local cinema or fleapit as they were often referred to was an adventure and the only form of entertainment available. It was a chance to forget the daily toils for an hour or two and be transported to a make-believe world. Sound, colour and cinemascope were introduced to the cinemas in 1953 but by the sixties with the advent of television and increasing running costs, cinema attendances declined and many buildings were converted for bingo. That too declined over time and the buildings were closed and some were eventually demolished. By today the local cinema has more or less completely disappeared and people have to travel a great distance to see a particular film. Admittedly the multiplexes that have risen with their comfortable seating offer a choice of at least six or seven different films in their various screens. Thankfully there are still some individual cinemas left in north Wales, mostly run by local authorities with the help of dedicated volunteers.