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Children and Young People

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  1. Mountain to Climb, A
  2. Christmas Cat at St Fagan's, The
  3. Woven
  4. Western Wildfire
  5. Under The Welsh Not
  6. Thirty-Third Owl, The
  7. The Iron Dam
  8. Swansea Spy
  9. Story of Wales, The - Histories and Ballads
  10. Running Out of Time
  11. Red Dragon of Wales, The (Tales from Wales)
  12. Paint!
  13. Over the Mountains and the Sea
  14. Moon is Red, The
  15. Magic Hornpipe, The
  16. King of Trainers
  17. Girl of Gold, The
  18. Fleeing the Fascists
  19. Faster Than The Swords
  20. Faithful Dog Gelert, The (Tales From Wales)
  21. Empty Room, The
  22. Dragon in the Castles, The
  23. Darkest of Days, The
  24. Cyfres Dechrau Darllen: Moli
  25. Cry of the Red Kite, The
  26. Crown in the Quarry, The
  27. Captain Dan and the Ruby Ann 6 (Stories of Welsh Life)
  28. Black Pit of Tonypandy, The
  29. Black Bart (Tales from Wales)
  30. Besting Mister Mostyn
  31. A Fall at the Quarry 5 (Stories of Welsh Life)
  32. #Trouble