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Rocks of Wales, The - Their Story

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  • Rocks of Wales, The - Their Story
  • ISBN: 9781845242954
  • Dyfed Elis-Gruffydd
  • Publication April 2019
  • Format: Paperback, 150x155 mm
Although small in area, Wales has one of the most diverse range of rocks to be found anywhere in the world. As a consequence, the geological map of the country, recording the distribution of rocks of different ages and types, is a wondrous and unrivalled kaleidoscope of colour, a veritable work of art.

Unsurprisingly, given its exceedingly rich geological heritage, Wales is also recognised as one of the birthplaces of the science of geology. Furthermore, the countrys spectacular landscapes, including its breathtaking coastline, which annually attract a multitude of climbers, walkers and less venturesome tourists, are largely a reflection of the character of the underlying, age-old rocks which have, over the millennia, been squeezed, ripped apart, fractured and suffered the erosive onslaught of rivers, glaciers and waves.

What follows is neither a blow-by-blow account of the rocks of Wales nor a scholarly earth-science textbook, but rather a geological odyssey that seeks to raise the awareness of inquisitive members of the general reading public as to the origin and significance of the rocks and minerals beneath their feet and the remarkable and exciting story that they record. Its a journey through time, whose story is told chapter-by-chronological chapter by focusing attention in turn on ten particular areas of Wales where the rocks of a known age are well-displayed.