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Welsh Follies - Secrets, Stories and Scandals

  • £7.00
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  • ISBN: 9781845242152
  • Graham Watkins
  • Publication February 2015
  • Format: Paperback, 184x124 mm, 258 pages
Stories about 60 follies that are amusing, tragic, heroic, grand, modest, ancient and modern which may be found across Wales. From Orielton banqueting tower, Pembrokeshire, to Dry Bridge Lodge, Flintshire, there are surprising buildings to be discovered and enjoyed. 74 black-and-white photographs and 1 map.

In this book, Graham Watkins reveals the stories and histories of the most interesting follies in Wales. Discover who erected these strange buildings and why, what secrets lie hidden in their pasts, and how they have been treated over the years. For years, folly hunters have researched odd and bizarre buildings but never before have the secrets of so many Welsh follies been told so comprehensively and entertainingly in one book.

The author says, ‘Every folly has a tale to tell and researching them has been entertaining. Nearly all tell us something about the special people who built them, as if the follies themselves are a window into another age or world, one which is well worth exploring.’