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Growing up Among Sailors

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  • Growing up Among Sailors
  • ISBN: 9781845277055
  • J. Ifor Davies
  • Publication May 2020
  • Format: Paperback, 215x138 mm, 256 pages

A portrait of life in the seaside village of Nefyn during the childhood and youth of the author, together with a record of his experiences on board the sailing ships on which his father was a captain. The hardship and heroism of maritime families across the globe are presented.

Further Information: Ifor Davies in this exceptionally well written book has evocatively recreated not only the life of his own community in Nefyn and aboard the fine full-rigged ships which his father commanded with such distinction, but has also recreated experiences which were common to men and women who earned their living at sea in maritive communities from the Åland Islands to San Francisco; from the coasts of Maine to Newcastale, New South Wales; Ceredigion to callao. from Aled Eames foreword ...brings to life the courage of the men who went down to the sea in ships and equally of their women-folk. - Iorwerth Roberts, Daily Post