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Dulas Valley Victory, The... and the Tryweryn Factor

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  • Dulas Valley Victory, The... and the Tryweryn Factor
  • ISBN: 9781845242923
  • Marian Harris
  • Publication April 2019
  • Format: Paperback, 215x138 mm
During the late 1960's the Dulas Valley in central Wales was threatened with being flooded to provide for increasing water demands in England. A few years earlier, the residents of Capel Celyn in Meirionnydd were cruelly ejected from their homes when the Tryweryn Valley was flooded. This book shows how the people of the Dulas Valley fought to save their community and homes.

Author Biography:
Marian Harris was born and raised on a small farm in the Dulas Valley, Radnorshire. She is well placed to document both the events leading up to and the progress of the Public Inquiry, as at the time she was secretary to the Solicitor acting in the case, whilst her father was Chair of the Defence Committee. She is convinced that their story is one worth telling not only for the sake of posterity, but so that lessons may be learnt.

Further Information:
The manner in which that travesty came about aroused bitter feelings that still linger throughout Wales to this day.

For those living in the Dulas Valley, those memories were all too raw. Determined to avoid the same fate, they got together to formulate a strategy to take on the then Severn River Authority, in order to ensure the survival of their vibrant, talented community ... and they won.

This story comes from the heart. It will be appreciated by all who love this beautiful part of Wales and who nurture a belief that things like justice and fairness are well worth ghting for, if only to secure the legacy of a living, vibrant community for future generations.