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Red Dragon of Wales, The (Tales from Wales)

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  • Author: Myrddin ap Dafydd
  • Publication Date 2007
  • Illustrated by Robin Lawrie 
  • Adapted/Translated by Sian Lewis. 
  • Suitable for age 7-9 or Key Stage 2 
  • Format: Hardback, 212x140 mm, 29 pages

The legend of Dinas Emrys with colour pictures. The story explains how the Welsh flag came into existence, and the meaning of the colours used. The legend of King Vortigern is included, especially the part about his attempt to build a fort, and the two dragons who fought on the site.

Gwales Review

This title in the Tales from Wales series tells the story of how the Welsh flag was born, taking young readers back many centuries when there were no English people in Wales and the language was Old Welsh. Though a little of the story may be based on history, most of it is a legend of how the flag came to display a red dragon.

Defeat in battles with the Saxons sends Gwrtheyrn, the king, fleeing to Snowdon where he tries to build a safe castle, but to no avail. What is built during the day comes crashing down at night. Finally, after wrong advice by wise men, a young boy is found who knows the secret and advises the workmen to dig deep into the mountain. There they find a cave with two dragons, one white and one red. The dragons fight fiercely every night, causing the castle walls to fall down. But all ends well as the white dragon flies out of the cave and into the lands of the east, leaving the red dragon triumphant.

Young readers may find it a little difficult to separate fact from fiction, but it is a lively, enjoyable tale. The illustrations for each page of text give a colourful picture of the time.

Gertrude Clancy