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Swansea Spy

  • £5.95
  • £0.00
  • ISBN: 9781845241834
  • Author: Geraint Thomas
  • Publication November 2011
  • Format: Paperback

Gwyn lives in Swansea. It is wartime. Gwyn’s father is away fighting in Africa, but Gwyn and his mother and sister are pleased that their lodger, known as Uncle Keith, is around to help them out, building their air raid shelter and putting out fires after the bombing of Swansea.

But when Gwyn’s father is reported missing Gwyn wants revenge on the Germans – and joins his friend Owen in a brave plan.

But things do not go well, and soon Gwyn finds himself in great danger …

Geraint Thomas was a teacher in junior schools in the Swansea area for ten years, and is now a reporter on the South Wales Evening Post. This is his first book, but he has had plays staged in Swansea and Cardiff.