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Votes for Women

  • £8.50
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  • ISBN 9781845275501
  • Barbara Lawson-Reay
  • Publication October 2015
  • Format paperback 215 x 138 mm

A volume tracing the contribution of the North Wales Suffragists to the campaign for votes for women during the period 1907-14.

Further Information.

The campaign to secure votes for women spread rapidly across North Wales in the years before the First World War.  The first cell of the National Union of Women\'s Suffrage Societies in North Wales was formed in a room at the Cocoa House in Llandudno, now a restaurant.  Over a seven-year period, the campaign spread from Rhyl to Pwllheli crossing class and language barriers.  Barbara Lawson-Reay gives a fascinating account of how each cell was formed, as the need to secure votes for women gathered momentum across the land, quite often in the face of violent opposition.  She tells the story of the Suffragists, who believed in law-abiding activities, as opposed to the Suffragettes, whose motto was Deeds not Words.

Shouts, shout, up with you song!

Cry with the wind, for the dawn is breaking;

March, march, swing you along,

Wide blows our banner, and hope is waking.

The March of the Women.