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Ships and Seamen of Anglesey 1558-1918

  • £12.00
  • £18.00
  • ISBN: 9781845273521
  • Aled Eames
  • Publication September 2011
  • Format: Paperback, 215x138 mm, 720 pages

This is a new edition of a book which was originally commissioned by Anglesey County Council as No. 4 of a series of specialist studies on the history of the island, and first published in 1973. Whilst written by an academic and rigorously researched, it is also sparklingly readable and warm, and full of human interest.

Author Biography:
Llandudno-born Aled Eames (19211996) was one of Wales foremost maritime historians. He served in the Royal Navy during the Second World War, then studied History at Bangor. From 1955 onwards he was writing on the maritime history of Wales. Ships and Seamen of Anglesey was his first book, and according to the experts in the field, it was his best.

Further Information:
In the development of Anglesey as a seafaring community many played their part by the nineteenth century, farmers, shopkeepers, landowners, labourers, spinsters, mariners, quarrymen and preachers invested their savings in ships, large and small, often manned by their kinsmen. This book tells of them all, and of the merchants, pirates, smugglers and legal traders who lived on or visited Anglesey through the seventeenth to the twentieth century, and of naval captains, shipwrecks, lifeboats and schooners, the coming of the age of steam, and the new battleships of the First World War.

The authors sources ranged from crew agreement lists and log-books to private papers and oral testimony. This book is essential for the understanding of the significance of the maritime history of Wales, but will also be fascinating to students of social and political history.

The book is illustrated with drawings, maps and photographs. The five Appendices provide a huge amount of information, statistics and logs.