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Ancient Abbeys and Priories of Wales, The

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  • Ancient Abbeys and Priories of Wales, The
  • ISBN: 9781845242299
  • J. Richard Williams
  • Publication Date September 2015
  • Format: Paperback, 183x123 mm, 328 pages

There are a number of abbeys and priories, buildings 'where glory reigned' that are also part of the history of Wales. Most were built in places of relative solitude where peace was plentiful, in out of the way positions. Others were in strategic historical towns, but wherever they are, they have been seen and appreciated by scholars and ordinary worshippers alike. 43 colour photographs.

Further Information:

Poets have lauded and magnified their names. Over fifty medieval poets have sung the praises of the abbots and abbeys of Wales in one hundred and twenty-four poems.

More contemporary poets have also written about our national treasures. Our Christian heritage, social history and our tradition of Welsh architecture would be much poorer without our abbeys and priories.