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Country Churchyards of Wales

  • £7.50
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  • ISBN: 9781845242176
  • Donald Gregory
  • Publication March 2015
  • Format: Paperback, 182x124 mm, 228 pages
Churchyards are not mere collections of gravestones. They are nearly always older than the churches they surround and provide much evidence of social activities and local traditions when they were the community centres of the parishes. 80 colour photographs and 14 maps.

Further Information:
Which church is dedicated to seven sons born to a Pembrokeshire woman on the same day? Why are there huge churches in tiny hamlets? Where in Wales is a 9-acre village churchyard? Where are the steps in a churchyard wall to provide an easy route from the church to the tavern? These are a few of the strange questions answered in this book.

Cock-fighting and Celtic crosses; dancing and sun-dials; prehistoric sites and the burial grounds of Welsh princes; games and lych gates; potent drinks and strange epitaphs – these are a few of the interesting things drawn to our attention.

It also includes a personal choice of 130 churchyards described in detail with full directions on how to reach them. Enough to give you a taste of the different regions of Wales and hook your attention on these special places which are so valuable to anyone who has a sense of heritage and who can hear their tranquillity above the sounds of our modern world.

New edition with 32 pages of full colour images.