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Grav and Carwyn - Two One-Man Shows

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  • Grav and Carwyn - Two One-Man Shows
  • ISBN: 9781845279325
  • Owen Thomas
  • Publication: June 2023
  • Format: Paperback, 198x128 mm, 120 pages

Two one man shows - 'Grav' which was first produced by the Torch Theatre in 2015, and 'Carwyn' which was first produced by the Torth Theatre in 2022. Both plays explore the lives and achievements of two of Wales's most celebrated sons, and were warmly received by both press and audiences alike.

Further Information:

GRAV 'The play was very good, it was powerful, and definitely showed the pride that Grav had, and we all have, in Wales.' - George North [Wales and British Lions] '... fitting tribute to the rugby legend ... Writer Owen Thomas has penned a beautifully lyrical script.' - The Western Mail

CARWYN 'A heartbreaking and important story of a man who has been forgotten.' - Buzz Magazine 'Playwright Owen Thomas does the enigmatic Carwyn justice with a verbose, eloquent script replete with lyrical internal rhymes and wordplay.' - Wales Arts Review