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History Grounded

  • £16.50
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  • History Grounded
  • ISBN: 9781845278328
  • Elin Jones
  • Publication: September 2021
  • Suitable for age 9-11+ or Key Stage 2/3
  • Format: Hardback, 223x148 mm, 222 pages

In this book, historian Elin Jones shows us that evidence for the past is to be seen everywhere in Wales today. She takes us on a visual journey through over 5,000 years of history, and around every part of Wales. A must read history of Wales for every school, learner and teacher. Also available in Welsh: Hanes yn y Tir.

Author Biography:

Elin Jones used to teach at Preseli, Rhydfelen and Cwm Rhymni secondary schools before being appointed education officer at the National Museum of Wales. In her work she had to be familiar with every period of Welsh history, and had to prepare resources for every age and ability. In 1966 she started work in an advisory role with the Qualifications, Curriculum and Assessment Authority for Wales, with responsibility for regulating history qualifications and developing the curriculum for history as well as its assessment methods, and commissioning history teaching resources. In 2013 she chaired the taskforce that was responsible for preparing a report to the Education Minister on the Welsh Curriculum, history and the story of Wales. Elin Jones is a popular guest on Radio Cymru where she discusses stories and characters from Welsh history.

Further Information:

Yes, you can find some history in museums and libraries it is all around us too, in old photographs, in place names, on maps and in the remains of old buildings on a hillside or by the sea. Wherever you are in Wales, this book will help you to know and to recognise the history around you and it will make you want to look for more.

Who were the first people to live in Wales? Why is Glynd?r so important to the Welsh? What part did Wales play in the slave trade? How has the sea influenced our history? Come to look for some of the answers!