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Last Shepherd of the Valley, The

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  • Last Shepherd of the Valley, The
  • ISBN: 9781845244705
  • Hugh Jones
  • Publication: May 2022
  • Format: Paperback, 150x155 mm, 64 pages

Hugh Jones was the last traditional shepherd of the upper Tywi valley. His memoirs recall traditions and customs that have long vanished since the days when sheep outnumbered trees. While everything around him changed, Hugh remained steadfast and dogged in embracing the old ways.

Further Information:

On New Year's Day 1947, seven families still lived in the upper reaches of the Tywi Valley high above Tregaron. It was one of Wales' foremost sheep-farming communities. For centuries the inhabitants remained true to the old traditions that were the heritage of the monks of Strata Florida, the area's first sheep farmers. By 1967, following the catastrophic blizzards twenty years previously, the last family had left. It is now a haven for ramblers and red kites. This warm little memoir recalls the close community that once inhabited the upper Tywi Valley. The author, Hugh Jones was the last shepherd remaining of those born in the valley.