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More Curious Welsh Tales

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  • More Curious Welsh Tales
  • ISBN: 9781845245146
  • Geraint Roberts
  • Publication: September 2023
  • Format: Paperback, 198x128 mm, 200 pages

This second volume, like the first deals with several lesser known stories from Wales through the eyes of the author, Geraint Roberts. Many of the chapters describe his own personal visits in seeking out the features and places described in these tales.

Further Information:

There is an offered explanation for a mysterious blue fire which plagues one corner of Wales for several months, lonely farmhouses where terrible murders took place and a secret cave which was lost for years. One chapter describes the search for a sea cave with a giant tooth, another, a fossilised demon and another tells of a murderer who lived rough for five days in the Cambrian mountains.

Accompany the author as he undertakes a three day raft journey or tackles the most enigmatic rock climb in Wales.

There are tales of discovered skeletons, a fresh water spring covered by the tide and a visit to the two houses where Shelley lived beneath the waters of the Elan valley reservoirs. There are places here you will want to visit yourself.