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Pen and Plough - 20th Century Poets and Bards of Ceredigion - archived

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  • ISBN: 9781845275914
  • Diarmuid Johnson
  • Publication October 2016
  • Format: paperback, 215x139mm, 196 pages

A study of social, economic and cultural change in Ceredigion, West Wales, in the 20th century, as documented in verse composed in Welsh by Ceredigion bards and poets of the time.  The material is derived from volumes of poetry that appeared in book-form between 1933 and 2012.

Author Biography:  Diarmuid Johnson was born in Wales and raised in Ireland.  He is the author of two volumes of prose in Welsh, Y Gwyddel, Gomer 2010, and Tro ar Fyd, Y Lolfa 2013.  He has published several collections of poetry in Irish and English, and is author or co-author of various translations of Welsh literature into Irish, English, French and Romanian.  Diarmuid Johnson has lectured in Celtic languages and literature in Ireland, Wales, and several countries on the European continent.

Further information:  The authors whose work is the subject of the book were born into the farming community of Ceredigion.  Most of them left school young, and received little if any formal higher education.  These are the men of Ceredigion who plied both pen and plough: Dafydd Jones (Isfoel), Richard Davies (Isgarn), Alun Jones y Cilie, B. T. Hopkins, J. M. Edwards, W. J. Gruffydd, John Roderick Rees, J. R. Jones Tal-y-Bont, Dafydd Jones Ffair Rhos, Evan Rowlands Ffair Rhos, S. B. Jones y Cilie and Dic Jones.