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Phenomenon of Welshness 2, The

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  • ISBN: 9781845274658
  • Author: Siôn Jobbins
  • Publication September 2013
  • Format: Paperback, 215x138 mm

In his previous book, Siôn Jobbins provoked thought and reaction with his often controversial views on today’s – and yesterday’s – Wales. In this sequel, he explores some more

He delves into the clichéd ‘too poor to be independent’ argument used world-wide against small nations like Wales. He invites readers to explore their own responses to such issues as Welsh sporting independence; the birth-rate in Wales and its effect on the Welsh language; a radical movement to create a designated Welsh-speaking territory; the pulping of a religious magazine; Welsh gay rights; Wales’ relationship with Europe; our flag and folk traditions, and, of course, he tells stories of people – including strong Welsh women and sportsmen – often overlooked by historians but no less important in our history. The final article asks presciently, ‘What’s the point of Britain?’

Siôn Jobbins’ style is warm, witty and engaging, and leavened with intelligent anger. If you want to know more about why Wales is as she is today, you need to read this book. It could change your life!