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Phenomenon of Welshness, The

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  • ISBN: 9781845273118
  • Author: Siôn Jobbins
  • Publication March 2011
  • Format: Paperback, 215x138 mm

Gwales Description
Siôn Jobbins sometimes walks a tightrope between thought-provoking and provocative. He writes of the 'Blue Books' report in the nineteenth century and their continuing effect; the invention of St Dwynwen's Day; Welsh-language pirate radio in the 1960s; the need for language protests; the changing Welshness of Cardiff and Swansea; the possibility of a new Welsh royal family.

Further Information:
His style is witty, engaging and occasionally angry. His explanations are never patronising or laborious.

These chapters first appeared in Cambria magazine.

‘This book does the job it sets out to do perfectly. The perceived audience is the reader who needs to approach Welsh nationhood through the English language, and who may be anywhere on the wide spectrum of national Welsh consciousness, or indeed a visitor from England or elsewhere. Many Welsh-speakers, too, will find material here they were not aware or, or need reminding of.’
Ned Thomas