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Riots, Death and Baseball

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  • Riots, Death and Baseball - The Canadians at Kinmel Park Camp 1918-19
  • ISBN: 9781845242978
  • Robert H. Griffiths
  • Publication February 2019
  • Format: Paperback, 214x137 mm, 264 pages
Kinmel Park Camp, north Wales, in late 1918 until Summer 1919, was a post-Armistice camp. It became a vast 'staging camp' for thousands of Canadian soldiers, including British and American born ones, all eagerly awaiting their return home.

The riots here of 4/5 March 1919 by these frustrated young men were another tragedy which added to the waste of the World War. Five soldiers met violent deaths, many dozens were injured, and there was a bitter aftermath.
A Victoria Cross winner and other highly decorated Canadian soldiers spent time at the camp.
Highly decorated First Nations Canadians were here, and, sadly buried nearby at The Marble Church are several young First Nations soldiers, who fell not in battle, but victims of the Spanish Flu.
The only black Canadian battalion which had fought great prejudice to exist, and their famous black officer were here.
Canadian nursing sisters, Bluebirds as they were nicknamed, played a vital role at the camps own military hospital.
Thousands of British women, some local Welsh ones, married Canadian soldiers, a number from the camp, and began new lives in Canada. All their stories are fully explored in this book.