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Rock on the Road

  • £8.95
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  • Rock on the Road
  • ISBN: 9781845279417
  • Rebecca Roberts
  • Publication: October 2023
  • Suitable for age 12+ or Key Stage 4/5
  • Format: Paperback, 198x129 mm, 306 pages

A heavy metal novel, translated from Welsh. Sophie went through a difficult foster upbringing, but she is a live spark. Although she appears defiant and full of confidence, she is also a sensitive character, easily hurt. When she comes across members of heavy metal band Konquest one night, her world changes for ever as she is employed as their Tour Manager.

Table of Contents:

Sophie Shaw is 24 years old, homeless, unemployed... and somewhat of an enigma. When she is appointed Tour Manager for Welsh rock group Konquest, managed by Brian Bates a legendary figure in the music world she finds herself caught up in the rock star lifestyle. Will she be able to handle a wild bunch of musicians, finish the tour and avoid all the pressures and people that caused her to flee her old life?

Author Biography:

Rebecca Roberts lives in Prestatyn with her husband and two children none of whom share her love of rock music. Her hobbies include reading, swimming in the sea, listening to music and walking. In 2021, her first YA book, #Helynt, won both the Welsh language Tir Na n-Og and YA Book of the Year awards. Rock on the Road is an adaptation of her second popular YA novel, Curiad Gwag, and her tenth novel to date.

Further Information:

'As with many young adult novels, it is a fine read for older adults as well.' Gwenan Mared, Barn "This is an entertaining, chaotic, and endearing book. It can be read as a Cinderella story, transforming our ragged and abandoned heroine into a goth princess. Looked at in a different light, Sophie is a grafter who has the independence of spirit to survive against the odds, seizing her moment to shine both on and off the stage. Whichever angle the reader prefers, there are sufficient twists and turns to make it a satisfying tale. Through her use of the first-person perspective and her refusal to shy away from difficult topics, the author encourages us to put ourselves in Sophie's shoes, coming to terms with the wounds of the past and forging a better future." Book Council of Wales report First published in Welsh as 'Curiad Gwag' in 2022.