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Seasons in the Sun

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  • Seasons in the Sun
  • ISBN: 978184527938
  • Annest Gwilym
  • Publication: September 2023
  • Format: Paperback, 198x128 mm, 100 pages

This is a poetry collection by the north Wales-based poet Annest Gwilym.

The collection contains thirty-one poems of free verse which are generally focused on nature and the seasons. These form a backdrop to the poets personal reflections on how place has affected her life. The ocean is a repeating theme, and there is also a thread of Welsh mythology woven through the collection.

In her new book of poems, Seasons in the Sun, Gwilym reaches out with honesty and compassion, sharpening the eyes and understanding with a sensory and versatile collection, evoking a fusion of time, people and place. Byron Beynon

Reading these poems, I get a strong sense of a poet who is deeply embedded in her land and home, in her own personal history, and her present. A poet who thinks about what has been lost and what may have been. One who watches, remembers, dreams. And very much a poet who feels everything, even if she appears to be standing on the outskirts. Maxine Rose Munro


The poems in this collection by Annest Gwilym offer a varied and individual insight into people and places, buildings and objects. With each poem we are invited to see and experience these things with the poet and to journey with her through the interesting and exciting landscape she draws and it is a landscape well worth exploring.  Jim Bennett