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Snowdonia Metal Mines

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  • Snowdonia Metal Mines
  • ISBN: 9781845244620
  • Des Marshall
  • Publication February 2022
  • Format: Paperback, 151x155 mm, 92 pages

Much less known than the slate industry in Snowdonia are the metal mines. But these, too, greatly contributed to the economy of the area. The main metals found in Snowdonia are lead, copper, manganese, gold and iron. Gold was also found and mined during 'gold rushes' in great quantity.

Further Information:

As with slate mining and quarrying the legacy of the mineral mines is slowly disappearing whether this is occurring from natural causes or vandalism. Des Marshall wanted to record what can be seen of the metal mines before they too are lost to brambles, bracken and trees which are taking over and hiding these wonderful places.