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Snowdonia's Waterfalls

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  • Snowdonia's Waterfalls
  • ISBN: 9781845242985
  • Des Marshall
  • Publication June 2020
  • Format: Paperback, 150x155 mm, 124 pages

Waterfalls become their grandest, most powerful and dramatic on raw, wet days and Snowdonia have a few of these!

Table of Contents:

Many of the falls and rivers tumble down narrow gorges sheathed in vegetation, trees, ferns, mosses, water loving plants and flowers. Some of these falls are very close to a road making it easy for all to enjoy their splendour.

The waterfalls of Snowdonia are a special feature of its scenery. Each one is very different to the next and they all have their own individuality and beauty whether enclosed in a narrow gorge or on an open mountainside. To see any of them in flood is a truly memorable and awe-inspiring sight. But on fine days when the spectacle is more benign and peaceful, they are nevertheless no less impressive.

With a general map of the area and individual detailed directions, this book introduces the reader to 32 Snowdonian waterfalls.

Further Information: This guide includes fascinating heritage information and history of the area, and gives detailed directions with clear coloured maps and colour photographs.