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Welsh Place Names Explained

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  • ISBN: 9781845242510
  • Publication April 2016
  • Edited by Myrddin ap Dafydd
  • Format: paperback, 155x150mm

Languages are not barriers, they are bridges.  Among the first words a tourist or a traveller learns in a new country are place names and these are keys that open many doors to a nation\'s heritage and history.

Welsh people just love their place names.  They carve them on slates, create displays of them in wrought iron and embroider them on rugby shirts.  They write poetry about them and include them in rhythmic metres.  Place names sing in Wales.  Children learn word craft by changing lists of place names into verse.

The meaning and origin of place names is also a favourite national Welsh sport.  People discuss them daily and university professors lecture on them.  Radio and television programmes are created about them and a library of books have been published on the topic.  This useful collection is a digest of many titles on place names published by Gwasg Carreg Gwalch over the past twenty years.