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Girl of Gold, The

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  • Girl of Gold, The
  • ISBN: 9781845279349
  • Gareth Evans
  • Publication: November 2023
  • Adapted/Translated by Jane Burnard
  • Format: Hardback, 198x128 mm, 250 pages

The Girl of Gold a fantasy of sorts, coming of age story about Ebba and Ina. It is set in Brythonia, a region in Spain where some of The Old Welsh people migrated to over 1500 years ago. It is a novel stocked full of themes - religion, folklore, witchcraft, and identity.

Further Information:

Ebba and Ina both like local boy Miro, which causes a drift between the girls. Along the course of the novel, Ina and Miro grow closer, despite Miro actually having feelings for Ebba. Ebba becomes transfixed on seeing her dead mother and finds a way to communicate with her in 'The Other World.' The two girls are trying to find their place in the world; along the way hoping to find themselves too. This story ends on a happy note, which makes up for the tough lives they had growing up. First published in Welsh as 'Y Ferch o Aur'. The second part of a triology.