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Magic Hornpipe, The

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  • Magic Hornpipe, The
  • ISBN: 9781845278366
  • Gareth Evans
  • Publication: April 2022
  • Format: Paperback, 198x128 mm, 250 pages

A story of loss, survival and unexpected friendship set in a tumultuous period of early European history. An English adaptation of Y Pibgorn Hud.

Further Information:

Britain, 552 AD. An island divided. An island reeling from the effects of a plague that has swept through the land. A land ruled by the sword, where everybody has to obey. Or else. Especially children. And girls most especially... Everybody except 12-year old Ina.

Ina is different. She can swing a fighting staff like a young warrior. She can track prey like a hunter. And she can read and write like a young novice. But being different comes at a price. Other children avoid her, like the plague.

The time comes for Ina to leave her home, a crumbling old Roman villa in Gwent. And she embarks on a perilous journey. By her side, Bleiddyn, the wolfdog her only friend. And in her leather bag, the magic hornpipe.

'Why has God saved me?

And more than once, at that?

"A gripping story ... It deals with the resilience, bravery, fears, prejudice and disappointments of a young girl in the face of some of the worst, deadliest situations possible but also, ultimately, kindness and forgiveness." Sioned Lleiniau, Gwales

"... the highlight of the year however was to be able to disappear for a few hours from 2020 to the Britain of 552 in the company of twelve-year-old Ina, the heroine of Gareth Evanss enchanting The Magic Hornpipe." Geraint Lewis, Nation Cymru

Originally published in Welsh - Y Pibgorn Hud - in 2020.