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Besting Mister Mostyn

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  • Besting Mister Mostyn
  • ISBN: 9781845279424
  • Myrddin ap Dafydd
  • Publication: November 2023
  • Adapted/Translated by Susan Walton
  • Format: Paperback, 198x128 mm, 220 pages

But it isn't a hut, it's a home. The Mostyns are a rich and powerful family. In 1843 the head of the family is granted permission by Act of Parliament to enclose common land near what is now the coastal town of Llandudno. Local people who originally lived on the land are turned out of their homes. Mostyn proceeds to develop the land into a fashionable Victorian tourist resort.

Further Information:

More than a century later, the people of the Chagos Islands, a former British colony in the Indian Ocean, are turned out of their homes to allow the British Government to receive money by renting the islands to the US military.

An exciting discovery brings Alwen, a teenager from Llandudno, and Olivier, a lad from a Chagossian family, together. Can the two young people bring history alive once more? How successful will they be at besting Mister Mostyn?