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Destroying the Druids on Mona

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  • Destroying the Druids on Mona
  • ISBN: 9781845245184
  • Martin Williams
  • Publication: April 2023
  • Format: Paperback, 215x138 mm, 180 pages

Rome had marched from Viroconium to the shore facing the island of the Druids. Now came the time of slaughter and destruction of a people and their sacred places, bathed in blood and flames by a foe intent on their utter annihilation. The Druids had not fought with weapons, it was the power of their word and culture amongst the tribes of Britannia that Rome's war machine feared the most.

Further Information:

The actions of the Roman armies would have an impact on the people of Wales for a thousand years. Great leaders would be born out of adversity on this island. From those roots would come the birth of a nation that would never be destroyed, its language, culture and history would remain to this day.