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Dragon in the Castles, The

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  • Dragon in the Castles, The
  • ISBN: 9781845276829
  • Myrddin ap Dafydd
  • Publication June 2019
  • Illustrated by Chris Lliff
  • Format: Paperback, 210x210 mm, 84 pages
Gwen and Gruff are on a mission! They are visiting twenty castles around Wales. On their journey, their companion is an old Welsh Dragon which has a special place in their grandmother's heart.

Further Information:
They record a blog, showing the significance of the castles in Welsh history and describing their adventures and fun as they meet some amazing characters on the way. Grandma/Grandad/Gramps/Gran and the childrens pals all react to the blog.

The Castles of Wales Each castle in Wales is a source of wonder full of tales and mystery. Some are part of the first World Heritage Sites in Wales the castles at Beaumaris, Caernarfon, Conwy and Harlech. The best architects and engineers in France came here in the Norman period to create masterpieces in stone. Edward I was almost bankrupt as a result of the cost involved in building them. Other castles were built by the Welsh princes to secure their lands and protect their people in their 200 year long war against the Normans.

These castles represent 800 years of Welsh history. In addition, each one has its individual tale to tell. In this book, the pictures, the coloured drawings and the narrative centre on the visits of one family to 20 castles, introducing the wonders of the sites, while relating the stories associated with them. The architectural features of the castles are depicted and explained - e.g. barbican, garderobe, tourelle. We learn about the kings and Norman lords who played such a vital role in the existence of the castles in Wales. But the children also discover lost tales and hidden traditions about the Welsh and the local communities as they visit the castles.