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Dry Stone Walls of Eryri

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  • Dry Stone Walls of Eryri
  • lSBN: 9781845245160
  • Des Marshall
  • Publication: March 2023
  • Format: Paperback, 150x155 mm, 70 pages

How and why did walls evolve? Where did wall builders get all their stone to build the thousands of miles and walls? Was it dug up or very unlikely just littering the ground? Was it all carted in from somewhere? Why are there different styles of walls?

Further Information:

Those questions are, hopefully, answered in this book. Walls throughout the land have different styles and different rock types. Here in Eryri the rocks that form walls are generally igneous (volcanic) in origin. Traditional dry stone walls provide a whole range of habitats for wildlife as well as a huge variety of plants. Many of these are dependent on walls not only to germinate and thrive but to survive. Animals find walls a safe haven using them, not only as a sanctuary, but also, as a guide to navigation. One can say that in reality walls are a linear ecosystem and nature reserve in their own right, even having their own micro climate.