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Faster Than The Swords

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  • Faster Than The Swords
  • ISBN: 9781845278847
  • Myrddin ap Dafydd
  • Translator: Susan Walton
  • Publication: April 2022
  • Format: Paperback, 198x128 mm, 250 pages

It's summer 1843 - the time of the Rebecca Riots - and feelings are running high in the Tywi valley. The teenage twins of Tafarn y Wawr in Llangadog find themselves caught up in the struggle, but they need to learn from the gyspy Mari Lee how to run faster than the swords ...

Further Information:

THE DRAGOONS ARE PATROLLING CARMARTHENSHIRE! The Dragoons are mounted soldiers whose long, curved swords caused lethal damage to Napoleon's armies at the Battle of Waterloo. Nothing is more terrifying that hearing their hoofs pounding through the dead of night, knowing there is no mercy for anyone who stands in their way.

But this time the 'enemy' is rather different. It is a band of farmers, craftsmen and country folk armed with axes and saws and dressed as women.