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Folds, Faults and Fossils

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  • ISBN: 9781845241728
  • Author: John Downes
  • Publication April 2011
  • Format: Paperback, 215x138 mm, 264 pages

The varied and beautiful landscape of Pembrokeshire has been sculpted over millions of years from the underlying rocks, giving us the unrivalled views of mountains, valleys and sea cliffs that are an integral part of the county today. The human heritage is also imprinted on the geological landscape.

Author Biography:
John Downes was for many years a tutor on geology courses for the Open University. This book demonstrates his extensive research, and his love of the Pembrokeshire landscape. ‘When you are out exploring the coast or walking the hills of Pembrokeshire’, he says, ‘this book should be your companion and guide to the magic of the rocks. I hope you will enjoy visiting some of my favourite geological localities, which I have described and explained in the book.’

Further Information:
From prehistory to the Industrial Revolution people have utilised stone for cromlechs, stone circles and castles, and later mined coal, slate and copper. Today many former industrial sites have been restored as heritage projects illustrating the role of economic geology in the history of Wales.
This readable book has been written for students, amateur geologists, walkers, and those readers who simply want to discover the geological wonders of Pembrokeshire, mainly around the coastline, but with forays into the Preseli hills and other inland locations. The author brings geology alive to both the complete beginner and the more seasoned rock enthusiast. The book is illustrated by colour photographs and diagrams, and there is a useful glossary of technical terms.