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Pierino\'s Snowdonia

  • £25.00
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  • ISBN: 9781845274597
  • Author: Pierino Algieri
  • Publication July 2013
  • Format: Hardback, 210x260 mm, 144 pages
Pierino Algieri is Snowdonia\'s most popular photographer. He was born in Trefriw in the Conwy Valley and was brought up on a smallholding nearby. He visites remote areas regularly with his work, and has learnt through experience where to find the best views during the various seasons.

Further Information:
He gives detailed attention to every aspect of his work as a photographer, but his passion is what he sees through the camera lens. He still marvels at the beauty of the land, the seashore and the seasons with a child’s enthusiasm.

Though he has lived all his life in this area, his name reveals that there is another story to be told. His father came to this country from southern Italy as a prisoner of war, and a separate chapter gives details of the family’s history.