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Searching for Family and Community History in Wales

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  • ISBN: 9781845274665
  • Publication May 2014
  • Edited by Rheinallt Llwyd, D. Huw Owen
  • Format: Paperback, 215x138 mm
This handbook offers guidance for tracing your ancestors and community history in Wales. Fourteen of Wales\' foremost experts on community history have contributed chapters ranging from how to search censuses, estate papers, probate documents, ballads and paintings, to the importance of studying houses and landscape and identifying place-names.

Author Biography:
The editors, Rheinallt Llwyd and D. Huw Owen, have both taught aspects of community history for many years. The Welsh-language version of the book was published as \'Olrhain Hanes Bro a Theulu\' in 2009.

Further Information:
The value of assessing maritime, criminal, local government and oral history sources are also discussed. The authors list many of the most important websites and books now currently available. There is a section on ‘how to get started’, and a chapter on using the services of the National Library of Wales.
Now nobody need ‘get stuck’ when researching their family or community history, and even the lack of the Welsh language is helpfully addressed.