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Snowdonia Slate 2 - The Story with Photographs

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  • Snowdonia Slate 2 - The Story with Photographs
  • Des Marshall
  • ISBN: 9781845244613
  • Publication: March 2022
  • Format: Paperback, 150x155 mm, 124 pages

This second book of Snowdonia Slate - The story with photographs, complements and adds to the descriptions of the first. It is written in a different format to book 1 in that the sites are described alphabetically.

Further Information:

The quarries and mines featured, although not be as well known or familiar, are of as much importance and influence for the areas they are situated. Just like the first book this one aims to illustrate and record the current surface remains of these other abandoned slate mines and quarries of Snowdonia. Des Marshall has done this to increase awareness of these important places and photograph what remains for future generations before what can be seen today disintegrates further at the hands of nature or vandals.