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Trams Beside the Seaside

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  • Author: Keith Turner
  • Publication Date: 2004

Once, few major tonws and cities in Britain were without a tramway system, and the sight of a train in the street was something people took for granted. Aging tramcars and track, changing patterns of public transport, war damage, and increasing road congestion had, by the early 1950s however, put paid to that sight in decisive fashion.

By 1955 only a handful of systems lingered on, and for a generation of children who had never sen – never mind ridden – a tramcar before, a holiday in Llandudno provided a magical experience, for here one of the last British tramways still operated, with open-top double-deckers trundling along the coast to Colwyn Bay and back.

This is the story of that fondly-remembered tramway: how it came into being, how it lived – and how it died.