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Wales Before 1536

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  • ISBN: 9781845242114
  • Publication March 2018
  • Format: Paperback, 150x155 mm
A chronological outline of Welsh history from the ninth to the sixteenth century which is also a guide to readers who like to relate what they read to places they can visit. A new edition of a volume first published in 1993.

Further Information:
The Middle Ages was an age of laying down foundations of a nation state in Wales Cyfraith Hywel was a highly admired code of law; the Welsh princes in times of serious threats from the English crown showed the ability to unite under one leader; poetry, prose and abbeys flourished. During the revolt of Owain Glynd?r, Wales held its own parliament and allied with other European powers. This book is also a guide to many places of interest castles, abbeys, battlefields, manor houses and parliament.