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Walking on Waste

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  • Author: Mike Jenkins
  • Publication Date: October 2007
  • Format: Paperback, 215x138 mm, 80 pages

42 sonnets written in nine months, many on the train between Merthyr and Cardiff, gave birth to Walking on Waste. In addition to these sonnets for modern times, are a series of haiku about Japan, with images of Hiroshima's past and Tokyo today. Also a number of humorous poems written in Merthyr dialect, including a tribute to the late, great John Charles.

42 soned wedi'u hysgrifennu o fewn naw mis, y rhan fwyaf ohonynt ar daith ar y trên rhwng Merthyr a Chaerdydd. Yn ogystal â'r sonedau, ceir cyfres o gerddi 'haiku' am Japan, sy'n bwrw golwg ar Hiroshima'r gorffennol a Tokyo'r presennol. Hefyd, ceir nifer o gerddi ysgafn wedi'u hysgrifennu yn nhafodiaith Merthyr, sy'n cynnwys teyrnged i'r arwr diweddar, John Charles.