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Ancient Echoes

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Author: Julian Heath
Publication October 2006
Format: Paperback, 214x137 mm, 258 pages

A book that investigates the ancient sites and monuments of the Llyn peninsula.

Gwales Review
The resonance of the past permeates the Welsh countryside and has resulted in a large number of historical works in both Welsh and English. Many of these appear under the imprint of the enterprising Llanrwst based publishing company Gwasg Carreg Gwalch.

Ancient Echoes is a welcome addition and explores the early history of Llŷn in an accessible and engaging style. It is also a very attractive volume and contains both colour photographs, maps and a full bibliography.
Julian Heath begins with an account of the Neolithic period and has much to tell us about the tombs, the remains of which can be seen today. He then moves on to the Bronze Age and the introduction of metallurgy which he describes as 'one of the most pivotal events in the course of human history'.

The period of the Beaker People falls within Mr Heath’s orbit and he ends his book with chapters on hillforts, of which Tre’r Ceiri is an outstanding example, and the ever-fascinating subject of holy wells. It was interesting to read that baptisms took of certain wells in ancient times. One might assume that such a ritual is well and truly in the past, but fairly recently I witnessed just such a ritual at St Dyfnog’s Well in Denbighshire. The past is a potent influence on the present.

Dewi Roberts