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Cadfan Way, The - A Journey from Tywyn to Bardsey

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  • Cadfan Way, The - A Journey from Tywyn to Bardsey
  • ISBN: 9781845245122 Jean Napier
  • Publication: November 2022

A journey from Tywyn to Bardsey through the words and the magical photography of Jean Napier. Author Biography: Born in East London, Jean Napier has lived in the Snowdonia National Park since 1991 and the magnificent scenery is the main inspiration for her photography. Mans influences on the landscape of Wales are a recurring theme in her exhibitions and photography books. More information and a gallery available on:

Further Information:

Cadfan, a 6th century Celtic saint, founded a Christian community in Tywyn. The present parish church at the site is where the author and photographer of this book calls home. She has created a personal pilgrimage from Tywyn to the 'island of the saints' itself, Enlli Bardsey, at the tip of Ll?n peninsula, her spiritual home. The path chosen takes in historical and sacred places: ancient cromlechs, hillforts, standing stones, stone circles and old churches, as well as the industrial mining heritage of the area. Coastal Path walkers will be familiar with the route but this is a unique and personal journey, revealed in words and in the magical four season photographs of Jean Napier.