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Detested Occupation, A?

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  • ISBN: 9781845275563
  • Annie Williams
  • Publication March 2016
  • Format: paperback, 215 x 138mm

They are the hidden army in what has been called a detested occupation.  Throughout the nineteenth century, hundreds of women were in domestic service.  But despite large numbers of women working for such a long period of history in mansions and estates of stature and significance, their story is seldom heard.

Further Information:

\'Annie Williams takes us into this world by skilfully weaving together her sources.  Servants\' hard labour was bought cheaply so there were few efforts to ease their burdens by the use of machinery.  Individuals stories emerge from within a very common experience in a book which always holds our attention and gives fascinating insights into a lost world.  No one reading this book will regret its passing.\'

Dr Neil Evans, Cardiff University