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Faithful Hound - Beddgelert and the Truth About Its Legend

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  • ISBN: 9781845241506
  • Author: Michael Senior
  • Publication July 2009
  • Format: Paperback, 186x124 mm, 74 pages

Gwales Description
Beddgelert's best known attribute is also the supposed explanation of its name, the grave of Gelert, traditionally the faithful hound of Llywelyn the Great, slain by him in a rash moment. The story is generally known to be fictional, and this book uncovers its real and ancient origins and the process by which it travelled over large parts of the world as far as this quiet valley.

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Further Information:
Michael Senior here uncovers a flaw in the conventional explanation of how the story became associated with the town. The dates do not fit.

It turns out moreover that Beddgelert, on a closer look, has much more to it than a story about a dog. It is a place of deep religious and mystical significance. On one side of it lies Dinas Emrys, site of the origins of important themes of Welsh mythology; on the other side is ‘Gwlad y Tylwyth Teg’, the land of the fairies. The latter are revealed to be not pretty romantic fantasies, but a powerful aspect of the beliefs of the old population of the district.

This book also deals with the medieval roots and the rise in popularity of this definitely lovely area from the time of the ‘picturesque travellers’ in the 18th century onwards.